Mini Monets and Mommies: Summer Stamp Paint Print: Kids' Flip-Flops

Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Stamp Paint Print: Kids' Flip-Flops

Kids' print-making crafts don't have to include loads of expensive art materials! Another summer -- another year of buying a new pair of flip-flips for the kids. School’s out, the pool is open (actually, almost open in my case – our community is redoing the public pool and the grand re-opening isn’t until Father’s Day) and the pile of mismatched rubber sandals that you have sitting around won’t even come close to fitting your little one’s feet. Instead of tossing them, reuse the summer-time footwear and recycle the soles into stampers!

Kids Art
Here’s What You’ll Need:

·         Old flip-flops

·         Scissors or a utility knife—These are for your use only. My son likes to say that I’m the most overprotective mom on the planet. While that’s a bit of an exaggeration, sharp tools (such as adult scissors or utilities knives) are not for children.

·         Tempera paints

·         Paper

·         Chalk

Here’s What to Do:

1.      Turn the flip-flop over. Have your child draw a shape on the bottom of the sole with a piece of chalk.

Shoe art

Kids' art
2.      Cut the shape out. Even though I’m all for kids doing their own art, an adult must do this step. If the edges are somewhat jagged you can trim them after you’re done cutting. Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect. You’re helping your child to explore and experiment with the printing process, not making a commercial design for a greeting card company.

Kids' crafts
3.      Pour a few different colors of tempera paint onto a palette or reuse a plastic-ware lid as a tray.

4.      Dip the sandal stamper into the paint. If your child puts he sole-side down, the resulting print will have a pattern texture to it (thanks to the shoe’s tread).

Art Activity

5.      Press the stamper (paint-covered side down) onto the paper. Help your child to wipe the paint off and try another color or mix two together to make a new hue. She can make a pattern of differently colored prints or create a design by combining them.

Kids' art

Kids' print-making

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    1. Thanks! That's one of my favorite parts of the project too!

  2. So it is summer time and you're planning out your family vacation. You have everything detailed and ready all the way down to your kids flip flops. Little did you know that there would be a problem with that little detail?

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