Mini Monets and Mommies: Preschool Ice Art + Science Activities: Rainbow Popsicle Re-Do

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Preschool Ice Art + Science Activities: Rainbow Popsicle Re-Do

Rainbow popsicles, DIY style. No, it’s not an art activity like I usually do, but it does involve color and creation! That was on the agenda for today. But, no one’s perfect. Instead of perfectly even lines of blue, red, orange, yellow and purple, at some point the frozen pops melted (while pouring a new color of sugary sweet drink mix in) and the end result was a vomit-colored monstrosity.

Kids science
So, I let my 12-year-old munch on the puke pops (to a tween that’s actually kind of cool) and I started over. This time I threw out the idea of perfect rainbow popsicles and decided a little experimentation was in order. To start, mix up a few batches of differently colored drink mixes. Pour one color of the sugary drink (or mix two to create a new one) into each compartment of an ice cube tray. Pop the cubes into the freezer, and get ready for a chilly day of icy fun!

Kids' science
Your child can:

Stack Colorful Ice Cubes Like Blocks

This sensory exploration also helps to build your child’s fine motor skills. Place the cubes on a dish and let her build a freezing tower or make a castle that melts into a mote!

Preschool science
Solid to Liquid Melting Science

Put the cubes on a plate and watch what happens. Ask your child to predict what will happen to the cubes as they sit out in the warm air. Move them to a sunny spot to see if they melt faster or add a pinch of sugar to one and a sprinkle of salt to another to compare and contrast.

Scented Ice
Water Color Paint

Use the colorful cubes to paint with. As your child rubs them across a piece of paper the color will release and leave behind a fruit-scented abstract artwork. As the ice begins to melt, your child can start splattering the color Jackson Pollock style.

Ice Art
Preschool art
Eat Them

While I wouldn’t recommend eating the cubes that your child has covered in salt for the science experiment, both of you can take a lick of the clean ones. If you want to add some art and science into your eating experience, toss a few different colors into a clear cup of water. As the ice melts the colors will mix together. Give your child a straw to help the mixing along.

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