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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Model Magic Christmas Ornament Kids' Craft

Why spend on pricey Christmas ornaments (even if they can be super-adorably cute) when the kids can make ones that become priceless memories? The holidays are still a few weeks away and we are yet to get a tree (with two new puppies, I’m kind of dreading what will happen). My lucky son gets to celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, but has still make his fair share of DIY ornaments. I treasure those little keepsakes.
Holiday craft

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This week we’ve been crafting all kind of Christmas art. There’s been recycled cardboard tube glitter ornaments and paper poinsettia ones. This time it’s a Model Magic version. I love this Crayola product. I used to teach a gallery-based art class for preschoolers in a museum. As you can imagine, I had to limit the materials that the children could use. Surprisingly, several parents asked me why we couldn’t use paint. In the art galleries? In between the Monet and the Van Gogh? Not going to happen.

But, Model Magic was a great alternative. If your child hasn’t use it before – it’s in between modeling clay and play dough, and it air dries. It’s stretchy and works out your child’s fine motor skills. It also will help her to get creative and sculpt in 3-D. It sticks to surfaces such as cardboard and paper and (even though it comes in a rainbow of colors) it’s easy to color with markers. As you’ll see in this art activity, it also holds glitter fairly well (without the need for glue!).
xmas craft

Here’s What You’ll Need:

·        Crayola Model Magic – Choose a winter white.

·        Glitter

·        Cardboard – Try reusing the side of an old box.

·        A hole punch

·        Pipe cleaners

·        Ribbon

·        Scissors

Here’s What to Do:

1.     Cut out a shape from the cardboard. A circle is an easy option that looks like a traditional Christmas ornament, but your child can choose a different one. Size it to be about the same dimensions as a jar lid (if your child is making a circle). This is an excellent opportunity to brush up on her math skills. Ask her to tell you what shape she is making. If she’s creating a triangle, rectangle or square, ask her to count the number of sides.
Shape Art

2.     Punch a hole near the top of the cardboard shape.

Children's Project

3.     Cover the cardboard with the Model Magic. Your child can spread it over the surface. It should stick to the board. If it doesn’t stick it may be old or already hardening. You don’t have to toss the old stuff out. Add a few dots of glue in this case. Use the edge of the pipe cleaner to poke through the hole at the top.

4.     Sprinkle glitter onto a piece of paper. When your child is done you can make a funnel with the paper and pour the rest of the sparkles into a baggie to use later. Press the Model Magic-covered ornament in the glitter. It will stick in the modeling compound. Your child can use her hands to push the glitter into the surface to make it stick better.
Sparkle crafts

5.     Wrap a pipe cleaner (or two in different colors) around the ornament. Have your child press it into the Model Magic to stay.

Christmas Activity

6.     Thread a pipe cleaner through the hole at the top. Twist it together to make a hanger. Tie a pretty bow to the end for a cute Christmas look!

Holiday ornament


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